The Fort LeBoeuf Foundation was created in 1995 to help our students succeed in life by providing a wide range of educational opportunities and financial support. The Foundation’s commitment to the students of Fort LeBoeuf is rooted in the long history of community involvement in education dating back to 1822. As a symbol of this commitment, the entry arch of the historic Waterford Academy has been adopted as the official logo. The Fort LeBoeuf Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation comprised of school board members, school district officials and employees, as well as community members with expertise in education, finance, industry, business and marketing. Each member volunteers their time and expertise to provide each student with the resources to help achieve their potential as a student and become a productive member of our community.

The Foundation by the Numbers

The FLB Foundation has one goal: enhance the educational opportunities for the students of FLB.

By the Numbers...

  • The Foundation was formed in 1995.
  • The Foundation serves the five schools of the Fort LeBoeuf School District and its teachers and students.
  • The Foundation is a 501(c)3 with its own tax identity and by-laws.
  • In the past 6 years the Foundation has awarded 37 grants for projects, activities, and supplies to teachers totaling over $46,000
  • The board consists of seven members, four of which are community members.
  • The Foundation is responsible for utilizing a growing fund that numbers OVER $300,000.
  • The Foundation houses 9 individual scholarships.
  • Every year the Foundation gives out two scholarships directly from the Foundation; a scholarship for the Valedictorian and the Technically Related Advanced Continuing Education (TRACE) Scholarship

2017 Annual Report

Click the image below to download a pdf of our 2017 Annual Report.

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The opportunities provided to the students by the Foundation encompass a wide variety of areas to benefit all students and schools within the Fort LeBoeuf School District. They include scholarships for high school students pursuing post-secondary education, expenses for extracurricular educational events, grants for teachers and administrators to enhance and improve educational opportunities, funding to assist students with financial hardship and facility enhancement with direct student benefit. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded the Annual Valedictorian Scholarship to a graduating senior. The Foundation has also awarded numerous projects in the district including special books, classroom supplies, and field trips to enhance the educational experience.


We create events aiming to spear the voice for children and gather for support. Please update with our events and confirm your presence.

Quarterly Meeting

June 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Quarterly Meeting

March 12, 2018 at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Annual Meeting

October 10, 2018 at to
Place: Waterford, PA

Erie Gives

August 14, 2018 at 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Place: Erie, PA

Board and Members


FLB Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $6,721.67

For the seventh year in a row the Fort LeBoeuf Foundation awarded $6,721.67 in grants to teachers in all levels of the district from elementary to high school bringing the total to over $40,000. The Excellence in Education grant program seeks to identify and invest in creative, innovative projects and programs that have the potential to make the largest impact to enhance educational opportunities for students.

For Waterford Elementary, a grant of $300 was given to help produce the school musical under the leadership of Mrs. Zylak. Working on the production helps the students learn many life skills, such as cooperating with others and time management. The play includes many students at Waterford and is enjoyed by numerous community members each year. Third, fourth, and fifth graders at Waterford Elementary will have access to more technology in Ms. Kulic’s math/tech classes with tablets for a Math Mania and Tech Savvy project. In Mrs. Bukoski’s second and third grade classes, programmable robot kits will have students working in teams to gain knowledge of basic coding, robotics, and electronics. She stated, “This will make students competitive in the 21st century workforce.”

At the middle school, Mrs. Friedman’s students in sixth grade will be developing effective research skills and recording audio presentations with the “Pure Genius” program. The high school’s industrial arts classes will be team up with Mr. Tatar at the middle school to build new instrument storage cabinets that will allow students to safely store their instruments at school and reduce repairs and replacements.

At the high school, the Foundation once more contributed to Business Week, a week long program that helps students learn how the economy works and discover their individual skills in various careers. The latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud will be used by high school students studying graphic design, as well as working with the school yearbook. Visual Arts teacher, Ms. Peters says, “This will allow our students to be competitive in college applications, the workforce, and local internships.” This is the 22nd anniversary of the Foundation, and the grants would not be possible without support from the faculty, alumni, and community. The Foundation’s mission is to enhance the educational opportunities of students in the Fort LeBoeuf School District. If you are interested in becoming involved or have questions about the Fort LeBoeuf Foundation, please email foundation@fortleboeuf.net.




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